About Educare International Academy

Educare International Academy offers an American Common Core Curriculum for Elementary education. A learner-centered academy, multinational in curriculum, staff, students and range of services. Personal and social growth, character education, and information technology are the academy strategic three areas of strength. The distinctive nature of the academy curriculum lies in the fact that it is international in essence, yet satisfies the requirements of the newly revised SEC standards. Students are totally immersed in a multicultural context that exposes them to the latest application of technology in education as well as provide them with the breadth and open-mindedness essential for citizenship at the turn of educational revolution experiential worldwide.

  • Our Belief
  • Our Golden Values
  • Our Vision & Mission
  • Learning outcomes
  • Awards & Recognitions

What Our School Believe

Promoting mutual understanding between individuals, groups and nations irrespective of their religious, social and cultural backgrounds. Developing an awareness of our changing world and a creative response to its challenges, which foster a structural order characterized by fariness,peace and justice.

Our Golden Values

E :Equality Everyone is precious and included in our school
D :Determination Everyone has the determination to chase tomorrow’s dreams by being their best today
U:Uniqueness Everyone is unique in their own way
C :Confidence Developing confidence in young people to take on life’s challenges
A :Achievement Achieve goals together
R :Responsibility Everyone is responsible for what they feel, think, and do
E :Enrichment Explore, experience, challenge within the curriculum and beyond


To drive improvements in students’ social and academic achievements by ensuring all students receive a healthy and balanced education that will enable them to contribute effectively to society.


The mission of EDUCARE is to prepare outstanding students by focusing on quality education, instilling values and discipline, actively participating in school’s curricula and extra-curricular activities and maintaining a constant communication with parents and the community as a whole.

Learning outcomes for EDUCARE

A student of Educare Academy is expected to:
1.meet the requirements of creative thinking and the use of technology in education.
2.enjoy a strong personality with a design capable of achieving its objectives.
3.communicate fluently in both Arabic and English.
4. accept responsibility.
5. maintain and respect Qatari customs and traditions.
6.prepare his/her lifestyle in a balanced healthy manner both psychologically and physically.
7. feel safe, stable and have equal opportunities.